Tuesday, March 20, 2012

First Day of Spring!

It's over 85 degrees in Michigan!

My girls and my nephew impersonating children who are having fun because they're not playing in freezing cold hose water: 
Guess who's practicing her wet t-shirt contest pose?  That one's future is uncertain...

They had a blasty blast for exactly 14 seconds, at which point they announced that they wanted to come inside for hot chocolate.

Also, just after taking this picture, I sat on a bee.  Ahh, spring.  O.o


  1. how is it that you have 85 degrees and it was in the 50's today and yesterday here in OK? how does that happen? lol maybe i should revamp my old blog. that is if i cant remember the password. lol

  2. Just a prank from mother nature, I'm sure. :-)

  3. Also- I want your blog! DO IT! ;-(