Saturday, March 24, 2012


Took my son to see The Hunger Games last night.  We've read the books.  We're super psyched. We've got the popcorn & soda.  We're in the seats.  Theater is panic-attack-inducing crowded, but its opening weekend, so I expected this. My soda tastes funny.  Hmm.  Ok, so 20 minutes of previews are starting and....woah there, big guy! Where do you think you'll be parking that huge melon of yours? 

Seriously?! Sigh.  Much too crowded to move now.   Lean way over in my son's space for the duration of the movie so I can regain a bit of view-able big screen real estate.  Could I ask for better offspring?  He's all, "Its cool, home skillet. That guy's a douche nugget."  Best. Kid. Ever.  And what's up with this soda?  I said Cherry Coke, right?  Cherry Coke!  Y U No cherry enough?!  Movie is awesome.  I'm so into the movie that I don't even notice how tweaked my back is from leaning at an extreme angle for 2 1/2 hours.  And as we're leaving, my son says, "I think they mixed up our sodas.  Your Cherry Coke was super nom.  Imma get Cherry Coke next time on purpose."     O.o

Totally worth it.  :-)  You read the books or see the movie yet?


  1. HAHAHAHA thats funny about the soda. bunk about the dude's head.
    i want to check the movie out, but i'm gonna wait a bit untill people mellow out a tad.

  2. Good call. It was stupid crowded up in there. And once the douche nugget with the giant head sat down, there was nowhere to go. Loved the movie, though! Can't wait for the next one! :-)