Thursday, March 22, 2012


We said we wouldn't speak of it again, so... 

My friend & I did NOT spend an hour or so in her basement attempting to un-plumb the U-bend under her shower so that regretfully aromatic slimy hairballs could be removed.

We did NOT realize the obvious & easy way to do this *after* industrial lube and a hammer were used.

And she definitely did NOT slash at me with a putty knife, cutting my foot with said slimy rusty putty knife, making me recall my last tetanus shot & pour burning H2O2 all over it before slathering it with triple antibiotic ointment.

She DID give me a Hello Kitty band-aid & buy me lunch, though, 'cause what're friends for?    ;-)


  1. Says she'll never speak of it again...

    Posts it on the internet for all the world to see forever.

    Close enough

  2. Meh. I think we were joking. I haven't worked so hard at something only to end up feeling that dumb least last week. ;-)